The first step you need to take in order to start a driving course is applying for a Provisional Driving Licence. Form D1 is available at each Post Office. Once you obtain the Provisional Driving Licence, you can start practical lessons in a car. The next step is practical test which lasts from 35 to 45 minutes. First, your sight is tested. You have to read registration numbers from the distance of 20.5 metre. Then, you answer 2 questions concerning your knowledge about car issues. During the practical test you are allowed up to 15 minor driving faults, but if you have at least one serious or dangerous fault, you fail the test. Practical test involves driving on a number of various roads, such as built-up area or major roads. During the test you are also required to carry out one driving manoeuvre out of five and drive independently for about 10 minutes. The examiner may give you a map or a diagram showing your destination and you will have to drive following the diagram and traffic signs.